Charlie Mayhew, MBE - Chief Executive

Charlie Mayhew with HRH Prince WilliamEducated at Wellington Colllege, Charles Mayhew spent two years travelling and working in South Africa, Switzerland and Australia. After returning home, he started work as a Lloyds Marine Insurance Broker with Willis Faber & Dumas Ltd. In 1985 he set up and led the Young Europe Africa Expedition. The 33 strong team crossed the Sahara and travelled through the Congo before arriving in Kenya, where it undertook a series of conservation and community projects filmed for Channel 4 TV documentary. The 7-month adventure concluded in Cape Town. On his return in Mayhew was elected a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society.

After working for a small boutique financial services firm, Mayhew formed his own financial service business, which he later sold to the St James’s Place Group. In 1990 he co-founded the charity Tusk Trust and, as part of the stimulus for doing so, he co-produced the feature film ‘Lost in Africa’– a drama that sought to highlight the ivory trade.

Under Mayhew’s stewardship, Tusk has since grown into becoming a highly reputable and efficient UK conservation NGO with HRH The Duke of Cambridge as an active Royal Patron.  And since 2010, Mayhew has accompanied the Duke on a number of overseas trips, including most recently his trips to China and Vietnam.

Tusk has an affiliated charity, Tusk USA. In 2016, the organisation’s combined revenue amounted to $11m, supporting a portfolio of some 60 conservation and community projects across 20 African countries.

Mayhew also sits on the Board of the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust and in 2005, he was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty The Queen in recognition of his services to conservation in Africa. He lives in Wiltshire with his wife and four children.




Nancy Gladstone, Siren Conservation Education talks about the work of Tusk

Through the PACE project, Tusk not only provides useful resources to projects throughout the continent, but also supports teacher-training schemes and education programmes in areas vital for wildlife conservation.

Nancy Gladstone, Siren Conservation Education
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