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Thank you for undertaking a challenge on Tusk’s behalf.

The following list may help you raise sponsorship money. Please know, Tusk is here to facilitate your campaign.

  • About Us - Tusk is a non-political conservation charity, supporting wildlife, community, education and research projects throughout Africa. On average, over 80% of all funds raised are invested into the field.
  • Getting Started - Adopt as determined and planned approach to your fundraising as you would for your training. And, remember to have plenty of sponsorship forms readily available.
  • Online Platforms - Many online platforms make fundraising easy. Have a look at our pages on Crowdrise where a simple link will guide you in setting up your own event page. Your supporters can make a tax-deductible donation by credit card, their money will go directly to Tusk on your behalf, and a confirmation receipt will be issued verifying the transaction. It is always nice to follow up with a personal note of thanks, but the official work will be done for you online.
  • Make It Easy For Sponsors – Divide the sponsorship form into a table format with easy-to-fill-in sections for the sponsor's name, address, telephone number, pledge amount and a signature column. Copy the sponsorship form for potential donors to complete.
  • Be Easy To Contact - Make sure your name, email, postal address and telephone number are clearly marked on the sponsorship form to ensure any photocopies are eventually returned to you.
  • Target Supporters - Make a list of all your family, friends and work colleagues as well as associates you know through sports or other social activities. List potential sponsors in separate sections and plan how you are going to approach them, then customize your appeal.
  • Face-To-Face Is Best – You are at your most convincing when you are standing in front of a potential sponsor. If it is not possible to meet in person, then send a letter, fax or email with a personal appeal. A tear-off reply slip at the bottom of your sponsorship form is helpful as well. Do be sure to ask supporters to include their full contact information with any donation and mail to: Tusk USA, 525 East 89th Street, Courtyard Office, New York, NY 10128
  • Approach Your Employer – It is often the case companies will match sponsorship funds, as they like to be seen to be supporting their employees as well as charities. Tusk is happy to provide photographs for in-house magazine stories or other similar promotional material, as well as literature and leaflets to help support your campaign.
  • Have A High Profile - Meet as many potential sponsors as you can. You may try and contact your local newspaper or submit a story to your company newsletter and tell them about your effort. If a newspaper is interested in writing an article about you please let Tusk know, as we can provide photographs as well as details of the projects being supported by your event.
  • Enlist The Help Of Others - Encourage family, friends and work colleagues to help fundraise on your behalf. Make an effort to target organizations, businesses or individuals where you have a contact. Use social media to spread the word and be sure to state your goals, and update your page with successes or news of a particularly large donation.
  • Approach Your Local School For Support- To thank them, you could offer to speak about your experience after the event. Involving children through local church groups or clubs is also a great way to encourage a fundraising project, like saving a Rhino or adopting a school in Kenya. 
  • Organize An Event – Choose an activity you like to do in your spare time and plan a creative fundraising event, like a fitness competition or designing t-shirts, planning a themed party or an adventure race.

For further support and assistance with fundraising ideas, please contact

HRH The Duke of Cambridge, KG KT talks about the work of Tusk

Future generations must have the chance to wonder at The Continent’s spell-binding natural heritage for themselves.  We owe it to them.  This legacy is not ours to squander.  And in this cause, Tusk is a great Champion.

HRH The Duke of Cambridge, KG KT
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