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TITLE: ICAP's ray of sunshine raises £90m
PUBLICATION: The Telegraph
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 1st December 2012
AUTHOR: Kamal Ahmed

Michael Spencer tells Kamal Ahmed why his firm's Charity Day is vital and that Vince Cable depresses him.

This year money will be raised for the Stroke Association, the Tusk Trust, an African conservation charity, and Combat Stress, the veterans' mental health charity.

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TITLE: Slaughter on a Giant Scale
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 28th November 2012
AUTHOR: Lisa Scott

Thousands of elephants and rhinos are still being killed as poaching increases. Metro examines this underground trade.

Africa without any elephants seems implausible. The majestic beasts are synonymous with the continent but are currently being poached at a rate not seen for decades because new middle-classes in the Far East want the ivory from their tusks.

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TITLE: Prince William backs new conservation awards
PUBLICATION: The Telegraph
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20th November 2012

The Duke of Cambridge has offered his support for two new awards celebrating successes in African wildlife conservation.

The inaugural Tusk Conservation Awards, set up by Tusk, an African conservation charity of which the Duke is a royal patron, will be held next year with two different categories.

There will be a lifetime achievement award, for someone who has dedicated a minimum of 10 years to protecting the country’s endangered wildlife and habitats. The other award will recognise an “up-and-coming conservationist, whose work shows real promise.”

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TITLE: Ben Fogle: killing rhinos has to stop
PUBLICATION: The Telegraph
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 18th November 2012
AUTHOR: Ben Fogle

An African rhino is killed every 18 hours for its horn. Tusk patron Ben Fogle reports on a gruesome trade driving wild animals towards extinction.

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TITLE: Tourism and conservation need to work together-and other highlights from Day 3 of WTM 2012
PUBLICATION: Tourism and Tour World
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 8th November 2012

Charlie Mayhew, founder and chief executive of Tusk Trust, and Fiona Jeffery, Chairman, World Travel Market, launched the WTM World Responsible Tourism Day 2012 with a plea for the travel industry to work closely with the conservation sector to ensure that endangered species and landscapes are preserved for future generations.

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TITLE: Traffic and Tusk
PUBLICATION: New York Social Diary
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2nd November 2012
AUTHOR: David Patrick Columbia

Tusk approaches its work with a larger view of the issues at hand in Africa. Besides protecting wildlife Tusk supports sustainable development for communities and schools with an environmental curriculum for schools here in the USA. They have developed a USA branch because there are so many here who have traveled to Africa and want to be involved. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is their patron and has been totally committed to their programs including a trip to see some of the Tusk projects.

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TITLE: Determined to Give a Craftsman His Due
PUBLICATION: The New York Times
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 27th September 2012
AUTHOR: Eve M. Kahn

The jewelry maker Gustav Manz produced thousands of works in gold, silver and platinum, operating a Manhattan workshop from around 1901 to 1944. But his name shows up hardly anywhere.

He designed for higher-profile outfits including Tiffany & Company and Cartier, which put their own stamps on the precious metal. Only now are unmarked wares by Manz (pronounced Mahnz) finally receiving their due.

The Mathewses are reproducing Manz designs; a copy of an elephant bracelet will be auctioned on Nov. 1 to benefit the Friends of Tusk USA, a wildlife and environmental advocacy group.

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TITLE: Ivory, the New Blood Diamond : The Ivory Poaching Crisis
PUBLICATION: BBC World Interview with Charlie Mayhew, CEO of Tusk Trust
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 5th September 2012

To view Charlie Mayhew's BBC World interview on the poaching crisis please click the link below.

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TITLE: Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits
PUBLICATION: The New York Times
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 3rd September 2012
AUTHOR: Jeffrey Gettleman

Conservation groups say poachers are wiping out tens of thousands of elephants a year, more than at any time in the previous two decades, with the ivory trade becoming increasingly militarized. 

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TITLE: Rhinos under 24-hour armed guard
PUBLICATION: The Telegraph
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 8th September 2012
AUTHOR: Jessamy Calkin

With rhinos under increasing threat from poachers, conservancies in east Africa are on a mission to save the species

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TITLE: Meet ivory, the new blood diamond
PUBLICATION: Horizon Magazime
AUTHOR: Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson

Recently, on a rainy April evening in London, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first public appearance since the Duke's return from the Falklands, attending a charity screening for Tusk Trust of the DisneyNature film, African Cats.  The evening was light, jolly. The Duke's message was anything but.

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TITLE: Prince William slams rhino poaching as 'ignorant, selfish and utterly wrong'
AUTHOR: Rosanne Salvatore 

Prince William, who is a royal patron of the wildlife conservation group Tusk Trust, called the slaughter of the innocent animals a "tragic loss for everyone."

The royal animal-lover also called rhino poaching "ignorant, selfish and utterly wrong."

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Watch the Duke of Cambridge's full interview here.

TITLE: Prince William calls for end to rhino poaching

The Duke of Cambridge has given a rare interview to speak out about the scale of poaching currently taking place across Africa - calling those who knowingly take part "extremely ignorant, selfish and utterly wrong"

Speaking exclusively to the BBC, he said that along with elephants, rhino are the most heavily poached animals in the world, with "two rhino currently killed each day in South Africa alone'.

Kate Silverton went to speak to Prince William at Port Lympne wildlife park as preparations were being made to relocate three black rhinos to Tanzania.

The Duke is Royal Patron of Tusk Trust, one of the groups involved in the relocation.

Watch the full interview here.

TITLE: Family Festival in July
AUTHOR: Flora Howard

The Dare2 festival is designed to suit all the family. With dance, art, sports and music activities at Tollard Royal, Salisbury for two days and nights (July 6-8 2012), there will be something to suit everyone in a relaxed family atmosphere.

The theme of the festival this year is ‘Safari' and representatives from wildlife conservation charity Tusk Trust and the safari and wilderness travel company Natural High will be hosting unusual landrover safari drives.

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TITLE: 'Slaughtered for their ivory': Up to 35,000 elephants slain in one year, charity says
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 30th April 2012
AUTHOR: Carol Marquis

Up to 35,000 elephants were killed last year for their tusks, the head of a charity told NBC News.

Charlie Mayhew, the chief executive of Tusk Trust, said: "What we have witnessed over the last 18 months or two years has been a significant escalation in the poaching of both rhino for rhino horn and elephant for ivory, fueled by sort of a dramatic increase in demand from consumers in the Far East.

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TITLE: How tourism can help tackle poaching
PUBLICATION: The Telegraph
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 27th April 2012
AUTHOR: Brian Jackman

Ian Craig, one of Africa's leading conservationists, says local communities are leading the charge to stamp out poaching.

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TITLE: Poaching in Africa: the scale of the problem
PUBLICATION: The Saturday Telegraph
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 28th April 2012
AUTHOR: Charles Starmer-Smith and Brian Jackman

Following Prince William's passionate anti-poaching speech, we look at the disturbing facts behind the poaching spree.

In the years before the Tusk Trust was established in 1990, poaching was so widespread that elephant populations in many parts of Africa were threatened with extinction. The ivory trade was banned in 1989 yet in the last year poaching levels have returned to those of the 1980s. Black-market prices have risen so high that rhino horn has become more valuable than gold. A horn can change hands at £40,000 per kilogram (2.2lb), compared with £33,000 for a kilogram of gold. With an average horn weighing 7kg and worth nearly half a million dollars, it is little wonder that poachers are willing to risk their lives.

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TITLE: William and Kate premiere 'more drama than EastEnders'
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26th April 2012

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walked the red carpet tonight as they highlighted Africa's threatened wildlife at the UK premiere of a big-cats film.

After the film screening of African Cats, highlighting threatened wildlife, Prince William gave an impassioned speech, calling for the world to try to halt the threat to lions and cheetahs.

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TITLE: William And Kate At Big Cats Film Premiere
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26th April 2012

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have walked the red carpet at the UK premiere of African Cats, a film about Kenya's threatened wildlife.

The documentary, which is raising funds for the Duke's UK-based charity Tusk Trust, is about a pride of lions and a family of cheetahs battling for survival on Kenya's plains.

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TITLE: Royal couple attend African Cats film premiere
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 25th April 2012

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have attended the premiere of a film that celebrates African wildlife.

African Cats is a documentary that follows the lives of a pride of lionss and a family of cheetahs.

Some of the box office receipts of the film will raise funds for the Tusk Trust, a conservation charity of which Prince William has been the patron of since 2005.

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TITLE: Prince William and wife Kate attend London’s ‘African Cats’ charity premiere
PUBLICATION: The Washington Post
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26th March 2012

Prince William and his wife Kate were guests of honor at the U.K. premiere of Disneynature’s “African Cats” on Wednesday.

Filmed in Kenya’s Masai Mara region from August 2008 to October 2010, “African Cats” follows a pride of lions and a family of cheetahs in the savanna. British actor Sir Patrick Stewart narrates the documentary, which is directed by Keith Scholey (”Big Cat Diary”) and Alastair Fothergill (”Earth,” ‘’Deep Blue”).

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TITLE: Marathoners Roar on Safari Course
PUBLICATION: Canadian Runner Magazine
AUTHOR: Margaret Webb

Two helicopters and a spotter plane spent the early morning scaring lions and other wildlife from the race course. Still, the start was delayed 15 minutes while armed rangers frantically tried to dissuade one elephant from crashing the start line. The Safaricom Marathon and Half-Marathon in Kenya is considered one of the world’s most unique races, winding through the 18,200-hectare Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. It’s the only place you can run across the savannah as our ancient ancestors did, in the same territory as endangered Grévy’s zebras and black rhinos, gazelles, antelope and some very big cats such as leopards and cheetahs.

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TITLE: Safaricom Marathon
PUBLICATION: The Nature Conservancy

Endurance-running champion Scott Jurek and CEO Mark Tercek will lead The Nature Conservancy’s Team Nature in Kenya at the 2012 Safaricom Marathon, one of the world’s most challenging races.

The 13th Annual Safaricom Marathon and Half Marathon will take place June 30, 2012, at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Organized by Tusk Trust with support from Safaricom, the event raises significant funding for community development and wildlife conservation programs in Kenya.

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TITLE: Tusk Trust Investing in the Future of Africa
PUBLICATION: Horizon Magazine
AUTHOR: Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson

The setting was about as far away from Africa as it gets. Up a winding private road in Beverly Hills, on an immaculate estate with views that stretched out toward the Pacific Ocean. Just another sleepy Sunday morning, save for the fact a handful of Hollywood’s more celebrated residents had gathered to await the arrival of the world’s most famous couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were there to mark the launch of a US initiative by the Duke’s African conservation charity, Tusk Trust.

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TITLE: Lewa Marathon grows in stature as this year’s edition launched
AUTHOR: Sammy Kitula

What began as a simple idea in 2000 has seen the Safaricom Lewa Marathon grow into a world-renowned event.

What with running alongside world renowned athletes like Paul Tergat, Catherine Ndereba and Henry Wanyoike as zebras and gazelles graze metres away in the expansive Lewa Conservancy in Isiolo.

More than Sh245 million has been raised in the past 12 editions and, with registration for this year’s event on June 30 underway, the event promises to be another success story.

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TITLE: Safaricom launch Lewa marathon on June 30
AUTHOR: Wendy Maina

Safaricom yesterday announced their Sh9.7m sponsorship of the 2012 Safaricom Marathon in Lewa. The mobile telephone service provider yesterday launched the 13th edition to take place at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on June 30.

Regarded as one of the toughest marathons in the world, the Safaricom Marathon seeks to use Kenya’s favourite sport, athletics, as a fund raising tool toward conservation efforts in the Lewa conservancy while at the same time, funding development projects in the area.

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TITLE: Rhino poaching: 'These animals are all too easy to kill’
PUBLICATION: The Telegraph
AUTHOR: Victoria Moore

A close friend of Prince William talks of the senseless slaughter of a favourite rhinoceros.

The Prince takes a keen interest in the plight of these animals, which are at ever-increasing risk from the poachers who sell their horns for more than the price of gold.

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TITLE: Cape Town to Twickenham for Heroes and Tusks
PUBLICATION: Richmond and Twickenham Times
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 19th February 2012
AUTHOR: Rachel Bishop

A 22-year-old graduate has taken on a 13,000km cycle from Cape Town to Twickenham to raise money for two charities.

Will Ferrier is raising money for Tusk Trust and Help for Heroes to turn his cycling challenge into something that will help others.

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