Jannina Tredwell Treks for Tusk

On February 14th 2013, retired actress and teacher Jannina Tredwell, started a 2,500 mile trek around the entire coast of Ireland, accompanied by her faithful hounds, Jago and Tress.

She has doggedly followed the entire coastline of Ireland - all 2,500 miles of it - along the shoreline, through bogs and battling some appalling weather with lashing rain and howling gales occasionally interspersed by much-needed sunshine. She then had to cope with a heatwave and the challenges of getting stuck to melting creosote.

Jannina completed her astounding trek at Kilmore Quay near Rosslare where she celebrated in true Irish style on Thursday 15 August.

Along the route she was buoyed up by the legendary Irish welcome and generosity and has a host of stories to relate.  She may even write a book about the Tusk Trek.

Jannina is aiming to raise £25,000 for Tusk and is urging all her followers and new Irish friends to support her by going to her justgiving page now.

Jannina’s message from the Tusk Trek has focussed a spotlight on the current crisis facing elephant and rhino, with poaching for tusk and horn reaching epidemic proportions. Unless this catastrophic trend can be reversed, experts estimate that wild elephants and rhinos will be exterminated within a decade.

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