Kilimani School

Project LocationIsiolo West District, Kenya
Project TypeRural schools development
Benefiting Locally1,300

Kilimani School 

The Lewa Education Programme, in conjunction with Tusk Trust, provides both logistical support and funding to schools in close proximity to key conservation areas, enhancing the lives of over 10,000 children. Lewa, like Tusk, realises that education is the key to long term change in Africa. In Kenya, the last decade has been characterized by increasing costs of education, reduction in the average earnings, a growing population and low school expansion rates.

Started in 1968, the Kilimani Primary School, is one of the oldest schools in the area. Located in the Isiolo west district of northern Kenya, Kilimani Primary School falls within the Leparua Community Conservancy. One of the primary goals of the Lebarua Conservancy is to improve livelihoods of the pastoralist communities through natural resource conservation. The school’s student body consists of pupils from different ethnic backgrounds, including Boran, Turkana, Somali and Meru. Enrolment at Kilimani School has recently reached a high of over 1,300 students.

Tusk Support

The school was in a serious state of disrepair and was in desperate need of renovations. With enrollment reaching a high of 1,300 students, the 13 small classrooms were insufficient. Suitable toilets were unavailable to the students and faculty. Although in total disrepair, the existing four toilets were set aside for the girls-- leaving the boys with no toilet facilities.

With support from Tim Russell, a generous Tusk donor, the school is on its way to being transformed. The renovation has begun and construction of new classrooms is underway. The new classrooms will be equipped with new desks and chairs and the school will have 12 new toilets. In addition, the Kilimani School will soon have access to a clean water supply and electricity for the first time-- providing lighting for the classrooms and powering kitchen equipment.

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