Manyangalo Water Project

Project LocationManyangalo, Kenya
Project TypeWater resource management
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Manyangalo Water Project

Lewa Widlife Conservancy (LWC), on the foothills of Mt. Kenya, aims to support local community projects, which conform to Lewa’s ecosystem management principles, in order for local people to reap benefits from wildlife conservation. Despite efforts to ensure that there is proper ecosystem management, water scarcity was a problem that needed to be addressed in the neighbouring community of Manyangalo.

Manyangalo Community

Manyangalo consists of 370 acres of fertile land situated in the middle of the greater Lewa conservation area. The community is comprised of approximately 800 families from many different tribes who have adopted farming as their primary economic activity. The area has good drainage and a permanent river running through the settlement. Because Manyangalo is located within Lewa’s greater boundaries, the conservancy has made it a priority to ensure that the resident community sees the benefits of conservation. To this end, the Lewa community development programme has been working to alleviate poverty within the Manyangalo community

Manyangalo Water Project

Agriculture is the primary form of income for the residents of Manyangalo. However, the community members had not been able to reach the full potential of their land due to a highly inefficient water catchment system. The land was being fed by two furrows that drained to the main river which resulted in the pollution of water flowing to people downstream. Other problems included soil degradation, mismanagement of the land, and poor agricultural practices.  The river, which was being steadily degraded, served as a lifeline to both communities and wildlife living downstream. The furrow system was unsustainable for the Manyangalo community and its neighbours.

To ensure that the existing river remained unpolluted and to ensure adequate clean water to communities, wildlife and livestock, Lewa, Tusk and the Manyangalo community have joined forces to design a more efficient water catchment system that ensures equitable distribution of water across the land. Water continues to flow freely to populations downstream with clean unpolluted water.

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