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Prince William Calls for Worldwide Ban on Ivory Sales

Sep 22
In an impassioned speech broadcast live from The View from The Shard London, Prince William today urged an audience of millions worldwide to join him now in the fight to save the elephant and rhino from certain death at the hands of ruthless criminal gangs profiting from the £20 billion a year illegal wildlife trade. “When I was born”, he said, “there were one m... Full Story

Protecting Kenya's Coastline

Jul 12
Kenya's coastal region has seen huge change in the last 30 years. With a significant population growth, a sharp rise in the cost of living, and the fluctuations in tourism, the coastal co... Full Story

Nicky - Four Years Old and Thriving

May 8
Three years ago, one of the orphaned baby rhinos being raised on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy made a lasting impression on none other than Sir David Attenborough - the man who has made a few last... Full Story
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