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The Success of Immersive Conservation Education

Jul 12
Poaching remains the single biggest threat to not only African wild dogs but all wildlife in the buffer zone surrounding Hwange National Park, which is defined as the core operating area for Painted Dog Conservation (PDC). The socio economic situation in Zimbabwe remains dire and as a result the pressures that drive poaching are ever constant. Unemployment levels are high and with the majo... Full Story

Protecting Kenya's Coastline

Jul 12
Kenya's coastal region has seen huge change in the last 30 years. With a significant population growth, a sharp rise in the cost of living, and the fluctuations in tourism, the coastal co... Full Story

Nicky - Four Years Old and Thriving

May 8
Three years ago, one of the orphaned baby rhinos being raised on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy made a lasting impression on none other than Sir David Attenborough - the man who has made a few last... Full Story

Celebrating Attenborough at 90

May 4
For anyone who has seen the clip of Sir David Attenborough's encounter with the blind, orphaned black rhino Nicky - on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in 2013 - it is no surprise that Attenborou... Full Story

Keeping the Fire Alight

May 3
The conversation about Kenya's historic ivory burn is not short of numbers: 105 tons of ivory, worth $105 million; 1.35 tons of rhino horn, worth $67.5 million; a fire 7 times larger than ... Full Story

Historic Ivory Burn in Kenya

May 1
The fires are still burning in Nairobi National Park since the Government of Kenya yesterday set fire to more than 105 tonnes of ivory from approximately 8000 elephants, in what has been the l... Full Story
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