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Advancing Conservation Across Africa

The Tusk Story

What We Do

Tusk’s mission is to amplify the impact of progressive conservation initiatives across Africa.

The charity has earned a reputation for providing a highly efficient solution for funding wildlife conservation programmes. We partner with the most effective local organisations, investing in their in-depth knowledge and expertise. By supporting and nurturing their conservation programmes, we help accelerate growth from an innovative idea to a scalable solution.

We also build long lasting relationships with our donors and seek to invest in long-term solutions because sustainable conservation needs sustained funding.

For over 30 years, we have helped pioneer an impressive range of successful conservation initiatives across more than 20 countries, increasing vital protection for over 70 million hectares of land and more than 40 different threatened species. But the threat to Africa’s unique natural heritage remains real and more urgent than ever.

With your generous support, Tusk can, and will, continue to have a positive impact across Africa.

Despite facing some of the greatest challenges to international conservation in history, Tusk continues to be a shining light in what are tragically dark times for Africa’s wildlife.

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Why Tusk?

The Challenge

Poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict are having a devastating impact on Africa’s wildlife. Finding space for both people and wildlife to co-exist is the ultimate conservation challenge …

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The Solutions

Tusk works with its project partners to find sustainable solutions to preserve critical habitats, protect endangered species, combat the illegal wildlife trade, empower local communities and promote environmental education.

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Map of Africa Countries in Africa that has projects supported by Tusk Angola Burundi Benin Burkina Faso Botswana Central African Republic Côte d'Ivoire Cameroon Democratic Republic of Congo Congo Djibouti Algeria Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Ghana Guinea Gambia Guinea-Bissau Equatorial Guinea Kenya Liberia Libya Lesotho Morocco Madagascar Mali Mozambique Mauritania Malawi Namibia Niger Nigeria Rwanda Western Sahara Sudan S. Sudan Senegal Sierra Leone Swaziland Chad Togo Tunisia Tanzania Uganda South Africa Zambia Zimbabwe Somalia

Tusk currently supports over 50 projects in 20 countries.

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Wildlife Ranger Challenge

For the second year running, 125 ranger organisations and almost 1,000 public supporters from 82 countries joined together last weekend in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge, raising money and awareness of the struggles facing wildlife rangers across Africa.

The Tusk Collection - WaterBear

The Tusk Collection on WaterBear

WaterBear is a new streaming-for-impact platform from the makers of the Oscar-winning documentary “My Octopus Teacher”. The Tusk Collection includes our favourite stories on WaterBear that showcase the magic of Africa and some of the work we support.

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Pan African Conservation Education (PACE)

Run in partnership between Tusk and Siren Conservation Education, the Pan African Conservation Education project (PACE) is all about sharing simple ideas to make big changes. It sprang from a design for a low-technology water pump that was installed by Tusk in northern Kenya. PACE supports conservation and sustainability education, providing ideas, information and training for teachers and learners across Africa.

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Leave a Gift to Tusk in your Will

Every donation we receive makes a huge difference to our work, but gifts left in Wills are particularly special to us. Making, or even updating, a Will and leaving a gift to Tusk coundn't be easier these days, with a number of options available.

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Support Tusk's Recovery Appeal

2021 is a critical year for climate and biodiversity on our planet. With it comes a sense of hope that we can move forward into a future where wildlife and the people who safeguard it are valued and celebrated. Please help us build a better future for Africa’s people and wildlife by donating what you can.

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