Protecting Endangered Species

Tusk’s projects protect more than 40 threatened species and their habitat ...

Many of the threatened species that Tusk helps protect are also flagship species that we promote to help secure the landscapes in which they are found. In doing so we also protect other wildlife as an important asset for local communities who could continue to benefit from their presence for future generations.

To protect species threatened by poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, intervention is required at every stage of the trade: anti-poaching patrols to stop the killing and supply; international cooperation and tight border controls to stop the trafficking; and awareness campaigns to reduce demand in the destination countries. Since its inception Tusk has invested in anti-poaching efforts throughout Africa, while using our voice and influence to halt the trade.


Brighton Kumchedwa | 2017 Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa, Winner

Although the wildlife crisis we are facing is terrifying, we are all in a position to make a difference, before it is too late.

Brighton Kumchedwa | 2017 Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa, Winner

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