Leave a Gift to Tusk in your Will

Remembering Tusk in your Will is one of the most powerful ways of making a difference.

Every donation we receive makes a huge difference to our work, but gifts left in Wills are particularly special to us. Not only do they allow us to plan ahead and do so much more, but we know that such a gift comes from someone who cared enough about our work to help protect Africa’s wildlife for generations to come.

We realise it is very easy to put off making or changing a Will. Figures show that more than a third of people who support charities say they would leave a gift in their Will after those close to them have been provided for. But, unfortunately just 7% of people actually get around to doing it. The reality is that making, or even updating, a Will is easy.

You can leave any fixed sum of money in your Will, a percentage, or a combination. A gift of just 1% of your estate to Tusk will help us secure a better future for Africa’s wildlife and wild habitats (and ensures those closest to you receive 99%).

Unless otherwise specified, every gift we receive from a Will is invested in Tusk’s Endowment Fund, to provide a regular and sustainable source of income for both the charity’s operations and projects. No matter how large or small, leaving a gift to Tusk will help us realise our vision of a future in which Africa’s rich natural heritage is protected forever.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about remembering Tusk in your Will. We are also delighted to have the support of Make A Will OnlineThe Goodwill Partnership and Lexikin, who present a number of different options for making the writing of a Will as easy as possible.

Andrew Harvie-Clark - Tusk Supporter

I was so pleased to read that my legacy will go into the Tusk Foundation which secures the long-term future of the charity. This is my wish as I am so impressed with all that you do and I do know how essential your work is for the long term future of Africa which has meant so much to me in my life.

Andrew Harvie-Clark - Tusk Supporter

Make A Will Online

With Make A Will Online we are offering a FREE online Will service. All Wills are checked by a fully qualified solicitor and if you have a question you can call their helpline. To help us with our campaign, details of your gift will be shared with us: the amount of any gift and the date you made the Will. We would be very grateful if you also choose to share your name and your contact details. We may contact you to thank you and to keep you updated with information about us. To leave a gift without sharing any information you can make a Will directly at makeawillonline.co.uk.

The Goodwill Partnership Logo

The Goodwill Partnership

The Goodwill Partnership provides a consultation service to make the process of writing a solicitor-provided Will - and leaving a gift to Tusk - as easy as possible. Consultations can be conducted by home-visit, online video call, or by phonecall.

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Lexikin offer a unique online step-by-step guide to creating a Will, securing your digital legacy, and leaving a gift to Tusk.

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