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Living With Wildlife Final Report Press Release

Living with Wildlife: Lasting Impact Secured Against The Odds

Four years ago, Tusk and Ripple Effect launched the Living with Wildlife appeal to help people and wildlife live side by side in and around Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. Since then, the region has experienced great challenges, and the Living with Wildlife project became more important than ever in supporting the park and local communities through difficult times.

Vultures at VulPro's centre, South Africa News

Africa’s Birds of Prey Show Extensive Population Collapse

Evidence from a recent study has painted an alarming picture for the future of Africa’s savanna birds of prey. With large-scale population collapse and increasing dependence on protected areas, is there an extinction crisis threatening African raptors?

Close up of an Savannah Elephant's eye Blog

Is There an Increased Surge in Elephant Poaching?

In late 2023, increasing reports of poaching incidences in Northern Botswana raised questions as to whether a surge in elephant poaching is limited to this area, or is more widespread and a growing concern across African countries.


Tusk's Gorilla Trail Raises £130,000 For African Conservation

Tusk, in collaboration with Westbrook Gallery and Shaftesbury Capital, has raised an estimated £130,000 in the Tusk Gorilla Trail Auction. Funds will protect gorillas and other threatened species and support their critical habitat and communities across Africa.


Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2023 Winner Revealed

Zimbabwe's Jealous Mpofu, Chief Tracker at Painted Dog Conservation, wins this year's prestigious Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award, recognising the dedication and commitment of an individual working in the field on a daily basis to protect Africa’s wildlife.

Vultures at VulPro Site News

Africa’s Largest Vulture Relocation Announced

Tusk's project partner, VulPro, has announced the approved relocation of 155 vultures, beginning at the end of January 2024. This will initiate a two-year relocation process, which will be the largest vulture relocation ever undertaken.

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