Adult male blackback gorilla. H group, Bwindi. Credits: Jo-Anne Unbound Project

Conservation Blogs

Tusk have joined Medium, where we will share regular opinion pieces across a range of topics such as AI, wildlife rangers and more recently, the illegal wildlife trade. Medium is an online platform where people can share their insights, thoughts and wisdom on interests and issues.

Ivory Stock Pile, EPI - Credit Martin Middlebrook

A New Perspective on Illegal Wildlife Trade

Amos Gwema, Principal Wildlife Intelligence Officer for Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management and Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award winner in 2020, gives his perspective on the need for intelligence-led anti-poaching... (Click above to read more)

Adult male blackback gorilla. H group, Bwindi. Credits: Jo-Anne Unbound Project

The Mixed Fortunes of Gorillas

On the 24th September, we celebrate “World Gorilla Day”, an opportunity to shine a spotlight on a species that doesn’t often hit the news in the way others do and one that many may not automatically think of as one that Tusk helps to protect... (Click above to read more)

Charlie and Rangers

The Evolution of Community Conservation

Tusk was established in 1990 in response to the poaching crisis of the 1980’s which saw Africa’s black rhino being decimated and 100,000 elephants being killed per year for the ivory trade. Since then, Tusk has gained a strong reputation and received extensive support from influential figures such as its Royal Patron HRH The Prince of Wales... (Click above to read more)

Solaro Tusk conservation blog

A Natural Connection

The concept of mutualism is defined as ‘interactions between organisms of two different species, in which each organism benefits from the interaction in some way.’ The exchange of services between flora and fauna, as well as wildlife, is something that is constantly happening all around us... (Click above to read more)

Credits: Marcus Westberg

The Uncertainty of Africa’s Future

‘Africa depends on wildlife conservation to drive economic development, not just in tourism but in fisheries, farming, and more,’ recently stated Richard Vigne, Executive Director of the Africa Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation... (Click above to read more)


World Ranger Day

In line with the 30X30 targets set by the UN, the Head of the International Ranger Federation, Chris Galliers, says that preserving ‘effectively conserved areas can only happen with the support of rangers. That is why we have chosen this theme for this year’s World Ranger Day’... (Click above to read more)


Artificial Intelligence in African Anti-Poaching Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been identified as one of the ‘top three rising technologies being used in conservation’ today, eliminating the manual task of gathering wildlife data and helping park rangers protect endangered species from being poached. AI could be the solution needed to effectively monitor and safeguard vast landscapes across Africa that, up until now, have been protected solely by patrolling... (Click above to read more)

Crime Prevention Unit - Transfrontier Africa

World Female Ranger Week

From the 23rd to the 30th June we are coming together to celebrate World Female Ranger Week. Established by leading adventurer and wildlife protection activist Holly Budge, this week is a time of celebration and recognition for women protecting wildlife across the world. Holly’s charity, How Many Elephants, believes that female rangers are best placed to help “ease local tensions and strengthen connections between conservation and community.” (Click above to read more)

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