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The Challenge

The challenges facing the people and wildlife in Africa are greater than ever. The world is experiencing an extinction crisis. We are losing species at between 1,000 and 10,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate, caused almost entirely by human activity. This will only worsen as the human population continues to grow and consume ever more natural resources.

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Habitat Loss

Habitat loss remains the greatest threat to wildlife throughout the world.

Mankind © David Yarrow

Human-Wildlife Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is already one of the greatest threats to important populations of Africa’s carnivores and elephants.

Green Leaf Gorilla © David Yarrow

Species at Risk

Tusk’s projects protect more than 40 threatened species and their habitat.

Tusk Trust - Grevy's Zebra Warrior © Mia Collis

Coexistence in Shared Landscapes

Tusk's vision is a future in which people and wildlife can thrive together across Africa. For this to happen, supporting coexistence is vital. In this blog we review the path ahead for the management of human-wildlife conflict.

David Attenborough

Africa is a frontline of conservation. In Africa people are getting killed in the name of conservation. It's hard. It's tough.

David Attenborough

How precious it is …

At the Tusk Conservation Awards 2016, Prince William presented Sir David Attenborough with a surprise award for his contribution to wildlife conservation.

In his speech, Sir David described just how important it is to protect Africa’s wildlife: "What survives now is just a fragment of what there was. But how precious it is. What a vision it gives us of humanity’s past; of the world’s past. And how crucial it is that it has to be protected, and should remain."

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