Tusk Gorilla Trail at Covent Garden London

Tusk Gorilla Trail

In partnership with Covent Garden, we are proud to announce the launch of the Tusk Gorilla Trail at Covent Garden, a new immersive art installation in the heart of historic central London, live from 14th July until 14th October in support of African conservation. 

Explore the Tusk Gorilla Trail Artists

Following the huge success and popularity of the Tusk Rhino Trail in 2018 and the Tusk Lion Trail in 2021, we have placed 15 life-sized gorilla sculptures throughout the historic Piazza and streets of London’s Covent Garden and Seven Dials. The artworks will be on display for the public to enjoy from Friday 14th July until 14th October 2023.

Curator Chris Westbrook, from Westbrook Gallery, has brought together an array of talented artists from the world of art, design, film, photography and comedy including a number of Tusk ambassadors, to release a band of individually designed gorillas across the Covent Garden and Seven Dials estates. Internationally recognised art and showbiz talent designing gorillas include The Rolling Stones guitarist and Tusk ambassador Ronnie Wood and his wife the producer Sally Wood; English actor and comedian John Cleese and wife the designer Jen Cleese; British artist Chila Burman; British photographer Rankin; Printmaker Adam Dant; Tusk ambassadors actress Jemma Powell and husband musician Jack Savoretti; Restaurant Petersham Nurseries by artist Hayden Kaysformer army helicopter pilot, wildlife artist and Tusk ambassador Hannah Shergold as well as artists Barnaby Barford, Mr Jago, Gordon Cheung, Mauro Perucchetti and Nick Gentry. 


The population of African gorillas remains critically endangered across both Western and Eastern species. Each sculpture highlights the beauty of gorillas, threats to their existence and the people and solutions working for their survival – raising awareness for conservation efforts across the African continent.

Find 15 life-sized gorilla sculptures across the Covent Garden neighbourhood

Download the easy-to-use map, making a fun and interactive experience for families and all to enjoy throughout the Summer. We encourage visitors to make donations to Tusk to support our conservation goals across Africa through the website and via QR codes on the sculptures. 

Tusk Gorilla Trail Map

Ronnie Wood - Paint It Black Sally Wood - Precious Rankin - Flowerilla PURE EVIL - Forest Camo Gorilla Nick Gentry - VHS Ape Mr Jago - My Friend Mauro Perucchetti - King Gone John & Jen Cleese - Frankie Jemma Powell - Gaia Hayden Kays - Homeless Hannah Shergold - Respect the family Gordon Cheung - Sun Wukong Chile Burman - My Friend Barnaby Barfold - Be Kind Adam Dant - Gorilla Toolkit

Did you know...?

Gorillas are known for beating their chests, but they do so with cupped hands to make the most sound. Adult males do it to assert their dominance, intimidate other males and attract females.

All gorillas are critically endangered and their numbers are falling, other than the mountain gorilla, whose numbers have increased to over 1,000 individuals thanks to conservation efforts.

While they can’t speak, gorillas make a variety of noises to communicate and express their emotions, from purrs, hoots and whimpers, to cries, grunts and barks. They use “belch vocalisations” to express contentment between individuals.

Tusk Trust - Pole Pole The blackback male Meteo with the left hand off photo David Yarrow

Eastern Gorilla

The increase in the mountain gorilla population has been a conservation success story thanks to high levels of protection of the gorillas and their habitat, and the gorillas’ value for tourism. Nevertheless, so few still remain that they remain critically endangered.

Tusk Lion Trail

Tusk's Global Pride Of Lion Sculptures

The Tusk Lion Trail has hit the streets of cities around the world on World Lion Day (10th August - 24 September 2021), celebrating the magnificence of lions and raising awareness of threats facing the iconic King of Beasts.

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