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Stories from Africa's Conservation Voices: Our Tusk Talks podcast explores the life-stories and extraordinary experiences of Africa’s most inspirational conservationists.

Join us for tales of adventure, breathtaking wildlife encounters and advice from the men and women working tirelessly for Africa’s threatened species and for a better future for all across the continent. 


We are back for Series Two of Tusk Talks!

In this series, we’ll bring you the incredible life stories and experiences of some of Africa’s most dynamic conservation leaders and Tusk’s valued partners. From the coastal deserts of north western Namibia, to the undulating tablelands of northern Botswana, we’ll meet the conservation heroes working for a brighter future for all across Africa.

In Episode One, join our host, Bea Karanja, as she speaks with Kenamurire Kasaona – otherwise known as Chief Lucky – and Dr Moreangels Mbizah, as they discuss the benefits of true community conservation.

What inspired them to become conservationists? How do we evolve community conservation? What traditional beliefs can help you find a lion in the wild? Find out these answers and more in this episode!

Series Two:


In this three-part series, we’ll bring you the extraordinary life stories and experiences of our 2023 Tusk Conservation Award winners. We’ll meet the conservation heroes working for a brighter future for all across Africa.  

Click here for the transcripts for Episode 1: A Life With Painted Dogs, Episode 2: The Peacemaker and Episode 3: A Different Path

Series One:

beatrice-karanja host of Tusk Podcast

About our Host – Bea Karanja

Bea Karanja is a conservation storyteller and philanthropist with over 25 years’ experience covering the African continent as both a journalist for BBC and Reuters and as a communications professional with UNICEF, Oxfam, and the African Wildlife Foundation. She has also had the opportunity to consult for the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Kofi Annan Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With roots in Kenya and Uganda, Bea continually strives to build strong partnerships that address the balance between Africa’s development and its conservation priorities.

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