Human-Wildlife Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is already one of the greatest threats to important populations of Africa’s carnivores and elephants.

Mankind © David Yarrow

Human encroachment and clearance of land for settlements and agriculture not only results in loss of habitat for wildlife, but forces wild animals into close quarters with humans.

In parts of Kenya, human-wildlife conflict has overtaken poaching as the greatest threat to some of the country’s most important elephant populations. As they follow their migratory routes or come to feed on crops, elephants destroy property and livelihoods. In extreme cases both people and elephants are being killed in confrontations.

Having already suffered from habitat loss, coupled with a decrease in natural prey or other food sources, Africa’s big cat populations are increasingly turning to livestock for an easy meal. Retaliatory, or even pre-emptive killings have become one of their greatest threats.  

Whether it’s with elephants, big cats, primates or rodents, human-wildlife conflict is set to grow with the growth of the human population. Finding space for both people and wildlife to co-exist is the ultimate conservation challenge…  

Rachel McRobb | Conservation South Luangwa

Human-wildlife conflict is so much more than loss of crops, property and sometimes life. It is people's rights, ownership and place in the community. The cost of living with wildlife has to be less than the benefits.

Rachel McRobb | Conservation South Luangwa
Tusk Trust - Yankari Game Reserve - Natalie Ingle

Yankari Game Reserve

The Yankari Game Reserve is home to Nigeria’s largest surviving elephant population, estimated at 350 individuals.

Lioness and Cub

African Lion

Human-wildlife conflict is a major threat to lions which are killed indiscriminately in retaliation for loss of livestock or human life.

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