Poaching & Illegal Wildlife Trade

The illegal wildlife trade is the fourth most lucrative international crime after drugs, arms and human trafficking.

Kifaru © David Yarrow

The illegal wildlife trade is one of the principle immediate threats to wildlife, particularly iconic African species such as rhino, elephant and lion, which are poached for their horns, tusks and teeth, claws and bones respectively. The African elephant population has fallen by over 30% in the past seven years, largely due to poaching.

The illegal wildlife trade is now the fourth largest criminal industry after drugs, arms and human trafficking. Worth as much as $20billion per year, the trade threatens international security, national sovereignties, impoverished rural communities, and countless species from pangolins to elephants.

Elephant Head

Demand For Ivory In China Has Halved

An annual survey of consumers has shown that demand for ivory in China has dropped to less than half the level it was before the country introduced a domestic ban on trade. Tusk has welcomed the news while cautioning that there is “no room for complacency”.

Conservation Heroes - The Rhino Guardian

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya maintained a zero rhino poaching rate in 2020 amidst the unprecedented challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. We meet Lewa's Head of Anti-Poaching, Edward Ndiritu to find out more.

Tusk Trust - Mali Elephant Project © Carlton Ward

African Elephant

The African Elephant population has decreased by around 90% in the last century. An estimated 415,000 currently remain.

Rian Labuschagne | 2017 Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa, Winner

You cannot be weak in this occupation - you have got to be strong and willing to walk a mile in the dark.

Rian Labuschagne | 2017 Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa, Winner

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