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WaterBear is the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. You can discover and support the work of Tusk and many other conservation organisations through the network. Join WaterBear now and be inspired!

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Tusk is proud to partner with WaterBear, which provides access to award-winning and inspirational content that empowers members to dive deeper, learn more and take action. Whatever you feel passionately about in the world of climate action, biodiversity, sustainability, community, diversity and more, there’s something for you on WaterBear

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WaterBear members control what content they want to watch, when they want it, with no ads and with one simple sign up – all for free, in all English speaking countries, on mobile app and web.

WaterBear is a big fan of documentaries, locally-told stories, NGO campaigns, on-the-ground grassroot outreach, volunteering, eco-travel, sustainable products and much more; and members can find all of this on the WaterBear platform at the touch of a button.

Join WaterBear and search “Tusk” for content on our work. You can also watch The Tusk Collection (pictured above), which includes our favourite stories on WaterBear that showcase the magic of Africa and some of the work we support.

The Tusk Collection includes The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, which captured the magic of the inaugural event in 2021. The film The new film, released for World Ranger Day 2021, follows Ben­son Kanyem­bo, Law Enforce­ment Advi­sor for Con­ser­va­tion South Luangwa and 2019 Tusk Ranger Award Winner, and his team of four rangers, as they take on the challenge (with thanks also to Maia and Fortemus Films for the use of their footage).

Wildlife Ranger Challenge Film With WaterBear

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