Human Wildlife Co-existence

Successful conservation is as much about people as it is wildlife.

Masai © David Yarrow

Where wildlife threatens lives and livelihoods, Tusk supports a range of actions to ensure that people and wildlife can both thrive within the same landscape.

There is no single solution to prevent human-wildlife conflict, and measures need to be developed, combined and adapted according to the species and local context.

For elephants, options range from physical barriers such as beehive fences, electric fences, elephant trenches and the use of deterrents (especially chilli), to securing wildlife corridors, creating underpasses and better land-use planning.

For carnivores, the use of predator-proof livestock enclosures can be particularly effective, while innovative solutions are also being developed involving the use of artificial scent-marking and the painting of eye-spots on the rumps of cattle.

Enhancing people’s understanding of the importance of wildlife and how to avoid conflict is also essential for developing greater tolerance.

Tusk Trust - The Ruaha Carnivore Project 2

Ruaha Carnivore Project

The Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP) operates over a huge expanse of wildlife habitat in central Tanzania, where critical carnivore populations frequently come into conflict with local communities.

Tusk Trust - Botswana Predator Conservation Trust Wilddogs Madikwe1_Fotor copy

Botswana Predator Conservation Trust

Founded as the Botswana Wild Dog Research Project in 1989, the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust (BPCT) is now one of the longest-running carnivore conservation programs in Africa

Coexistence in Shared Landscapes

Tusk's vision is a future in which people and wildlife can thrive together across Africa. For this to happen, supporting coexistence is vital. In this blog we review the path ahead for the management of human-wildlife conflict.

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