"A Coronavirus Survival Kit For The Family" Now Available

Tusk's project partners at Coaching Conservation (a programme of Wild Entrust) have responded to the Coronavirus crisis and the lack of information reaching rural communities by producing a clear, concise and extremely useful information pack all about the virus to help people stay safe.

Coronavirus Survival Kit

A CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL KIT FOR THE FAMILY explains what corona virus is and how it started, the symptoms, how it is spread and who is most vulnerable. It explains how we might be affected and practical things we can do to protect ourselves and each other. For example, the kit shows how to make an effective protective mask, and explains how they work. There are also instructions on how to make a “tippy tap” to help people wash their hands hygienically and save water. In addition, there are fun activities to entertain kids during lockdown and quizzes to check that everyone is up to speed! 

Coaching Conservation® promotes the connection of all living things and encourages children to: Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other and Respect Your Environment. The Survival Kit has been released as part of Wild Entrust’s campaign of WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, a message that is reinforced by the COVID-19 outbreak’s origins within the illegal wildlife trade.

The Survival Kit has been produced in English and Setswana, and Coaching Conservation has been distributing copies in and around Maun, Botswana, and have made it freely available to all.

Coaching Conservation

Coaching Conservation® is an environmental education programme with a difference. The conservation messages are taught through the medium of sport, especially football. Strategies and techniques on the field are explained in terms of the roles and behaviours of wild animals in the field. The children’s natural enthusiasm for sport is harnessed to encourage them to learn about the wildlife around them.

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