Empowering Women In Coastal Communities Through Seafood Smoking

Blue Ventures in partnership with Tusk have helped forty women from three villages in Anjouan, Comoros, increase their earnings and reduce overfishing by preserving their catches through seafood smoking.

Community smoke fishing by Blue Ventures, Africa

Blue Ventures vision is to “Empower coastal communities managing their local coastal ecosystems in ways that enrich livelihoods and sustain healthy marine environments for generations to come.”.

Research has shown that fishers in the area face income losses of up to 30% due to spoiled fish. Blue ventures have therefore introduced seafood smoking  which involves smoking fish in a hot barrel, which can then be stored for at least three weeks, and can even be re-smoked if necessary to extend for an additional week – all without reducing the quality of the fish! This positive solution has reduced the amount of fish wasted, enabled more fish to be sold (including during the rainy season), and reduced the need for overfishing by ensuring that all the fish caught can be preserved and sold without waste.

45 million women participate in small-scale costal fisheries, through a range of jobs such as catching, processing or selling at the markets, which is vital. Blue Ventures work to support women and girls as well as engaging men in discussions about gender norms.

Tusk is excited to share that Blue Ventures will be facilitating a learning exchange visit between fishing communities in Comoros and Kenya. The exchange will focus on Locally Managed Marine Area governance, fisheries management measures, financial management, and sustainable fishing techniques.

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