Tusk Receives Landmark Cryptocurrency Donation in Support of Collaborative Conservation

Tusk has received the largest non-cash asset donation in our organisation’s history. The $470,000 (6.565 BTC) donation supported, among other things, the cost of bringing together 50 leading conservationists from across Africa to forge collaboration at the Tusk Conservation Symposium.

Talk by African Parks at the Tusk Conservation Symposium 2024.

Tusk has accepted Cryptocurrency donations since December 2022, with this contribution forming the most significant donation to date. 

The charity’s CEO, Nick Bubb, commented; “This significant and generous donation is fantastic news and we’re all extremely grateful. At Tusk we pride ourselves on being both innovative and entrepreneurial, and our ongoing partnership with The Giving Block is testament to that. Accepting crypto donations is an exciting new avenue of philanthropy for us and good news for African-driven conservation efforts.”

Tusk’s mission is to accelerate the impact of African-driven conservation. Since 1990, we have invested more than £120 million to support the growth of over 250 local partner organisations and wildlife ranger units in more than 25 African countries, enabling and empowering the conservation movement across the continent. The 2024 Tusk Conservation Symposium brought together 50 partner organisations to learn together and plan action for the evolution of conservation in Africa.

Through the symposium the historic cryptocurrency donation has enabled:

  • 50 delegates from 19 African countries to make invaluable connections
  • Collaboration projects across 15 countries and 32 projects
  • Community-led conservation knowledge exchange across the African continent

Speaking of the importance of events like the Tusk Conservation Symposium, participants said: 

“Tusk literally means the world to us. Without Tusk it would be impossible to undertake the work we do. What I have seen is that Tusk becomes not only a donor but a friend and a guide. Tusk cares.” VulPro, South Africa.

“We strongly feel that Tusk is more of a partner than a funder and that should tell you everything that you need to know!” Lion Landscapes, Kenya. 

“[One of the most valuable aspects was] meeting and learning from so many experts. Realising that the challenges we face are shared by many others.” Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Malawi.   

“The year 2024 has the potential to be the biggest year ever for Bitcoin donations. If just 1% of today’s Bitcoin were donated to charity, it would result in $14,000,000,000 in charitable donations.” Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block. 

As Tusk looks toward 2030 – a year so crucial in many global biodiversity targets— we aim to optimise our impact in reducing biodiversity loss and tackling the evolving threats faced by Africa’s biodiversity and linked communities. Our goal is to provide support to 60+ organisations and 75 conservation leaders from across the continent, fostering and funding effective collaboration between them and accelerating the growth of community-driven conservation. 

To learn more about our impact, or to get involved in supporting our mission, please visit https://www.tusk.org/get-involved/

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