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Northern Rangelands Trust

The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) was established in 2004 to develop community wildlife conservancies in northern Kenya.

By enabling local people to manage their traditional lands and natural resources these conservancies transform lives, secure peace and protect the environment. Over 30 member conservancies represent more than 700,000 people, many from traditional cattle herding communities. The wildlife on these lands includes critically endangered species like the Hirola antelope, black rhino and Tana River red colobus as well as elephant, Grevy’s zebra, lion, cheetah, and countless others. The community conservancies are having a significant impact on building peace, improving lives and managing the rangelands, and have helped shape new regulations governing community conservancies in Kenya.

The NRT assists its members with conservancy management, training and fundraising, and also monitors performance to provide oversight and quality assurance. The conservancies all operate teams of rangers to monitor and protect wildlife and to combat other crimes such as livestock theft and road banditry. NRT promotes partnerships with the tourism sector, and also runs a traditional craft business providing an income for over 1,200 local women. It has a Peace Team which works to resolve tensions between ethnic groups which have historically lead to frequent conflicts. It also provides guidance on the sustainable management of grasslands for livestock and wildlife.

Tusk has been a long-term supporter of several community conservancies that are now NRT members (including Sera Wildlife Conservancy ). This assistance has ranged from helping to establish governance structures and funding channels to funding equipment, security operations, training and awareness programmes.

NRT is a ground-breaking and visionary approach to achieving wildlife conservation through the empowerment of local communities. It serves as a model for projects around the country and across the continent.  Its inspiring and essential work needs our ongoing support.


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