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Tsavo Trust

The Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) includes nearly half of Kenya’s total protected area.

It hosts the country’s largest single elephant population of over 10,000 individuals, including some animals endowed with famously long tusks. Being nearly the size of Switzerland, it is a huge area to monitor and patrol, and illegal incursions for poaching, logging and cattle grazing are a constant threat. The Tsavo Trust works with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and other partners to improve the security of the area, support the local communities and take care of rescued wildlife.

The Tsavo Trust light aircraft provides an invaluable reconnaissance service, flying over 65,000km a year. It closely monitors the elephant population across the TCA, with a particular focus on the ‘Big Tuskers’, and reports any signs of illegal activity to the KWS. Four ground based ‘Tembo Teams’ are also deployed to assist with further monitoring and enforcement activities. Tsavo Trust encourages and facilitates the development of community conservancies and local enterprises around the TCA which generate income from conservation and tourism for local people. Meanwhile, the Tsavo Sanctuary cares for injured, sick and orphaned animals rescued from the wild which are treated as necessary and then returned to their natural habitat as soon as possible.

Tusk has supported the Big Tusker Programme since 2016, enabling the aerial patrols to track and protect the elephant population, especially these exceptional individuals. We have also provided funds for increased efforts to recover illegally obtained ivory and apprehend those responsible.

The Tsavo ecosystem is one of the great remaining wildernesses, but it needs constant protection if its habitats and wildlife are to be preserved. The critical work of the Tsavo Trust needs ongoing support to achieve this goal.

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