Tusk Supported Projects

Tusk has established a reputation for identifying and supporting an impressive range of conservation initiatives with an incredibly successful track record throughout Africa.

Tusk Trust - Grevy's Zebra Warrior © Mia Collis

Grevy’s Zebra Trust

Grevy’s Zebra Trust (GZT) works closely with communities to combat threats from habitat degradation, lack of dry season water access, and hunting by nomadic pastoralists.


Honeyguide Foundation

Honeyguide is working to secure protection for elephants, their habitat and migratory routes though sustainable community conservation in Makame Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in the Tarangire ecosystem of Tanzania.


Tusk Trust - Impact Madagascar

IMPACT Madagascar

IMPACT aims to protect and conserve Madagascar’s unique biodiversity while improving the lives of its people.


Karingani Game Reserve

The Karingani Game Reserve is situated in southern Mozambique and shares its borders with South Africa’s Kruger National Park (KNP), and Limpopo National Park (LNP).


Tusk Trust - Lamu Marine Conservation Trust Turtle Hatch

Lamu Marine Conservation Trust

Kenyan waters are home to five threatened species of sea turtles - Green, Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, Leatherback and Loggerhead.


Tusk Trust - Lewa Wildlife Conservancy © Frank Af Petersen

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy works as a model and catalyst for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat.


Tusk Trust - Lewa Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Community Programme Women's Microcredit © Amunga Eshuchi

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Community Programme

The community programme is based on in-depth consultations with the rural population to secure their participation in the scheme and guarantee that tangible benefits of wildlife conservation reach the local people.


Tusk Trust - Lilongwe Cinema

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

Malawi is known for its friendly people and beautiful places but poverty, deforestation and wildlife crime have put the nation’s wildlife under immense pressure


Tusk Trust - Lion Landscapes Victoria

Lion Landscapes

Lion Landscapes works primarily in the Laikipia area of Kenya to protect lions through a programme of research, capacity building, and innovation.


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