Tusk Supported Projects

Tusk has established a reputation for identifying and supporting an impressive range of conservation initiatives with an incredibly successful track record throughout Africa.

Tusk Trust - Save the Rhino Trust Trackers scan for rhino. Photo credit Christie Keulder. jpg

Save the Rhino Trust

Northeast Namibia is home to the largest free-ranging black rhino population in the world.


Tusk Trust - Save the Waterberg Rhino - PC Wild Revolution

Save the Waterberg Rhino

The Waterberg area of Limpopo province holds over 2,000 rhinos - the third largest population in South Africa.

South Africa

Tusk Trust - Sera Wildlife Sanctuary

Sera Wildlife Conservancy

In 2001 local Samburu communities formed the Sera Wildlife Conservancy (SWC) with the aim of bringing together three historically rival ethnic groups to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in their traditional lands.


Tusk Trust - The Bateleurs Translocation of Wild Dog

The Bateleurs – Flying for the Environment in Africa

The Bateleurs is a unique non-profit organisation of volunteer pilot members who give their aviation skills, the use of their privately-owned aircraft, and their time for free in support of conservation and the environment in Africa.

South Africa

Tusk Trust - The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust

The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust

Founded as the Botswana Wild Dog Research Project in 1989, the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust (BPCT) is now one of the longest-running carnivore conservation programmes in Africa


Loango Gorillas © Martha Robbins

The Loango Gorilla Project

The critically endangered Western lowland gorilla is found across a range of some 700,000km2 in the Congo Basin.


Tusk Trust - The Maa Trust

The Maa Trust

The Maa Trust works alongside community-owned wildlife conservancies to promote conservation through sustainable development.


Tusk Trust - The Malilangwe Trust

The Malilangwe Trust

The Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, a former cattle ranch restored as a wildlife area since the 1980s, is managed by the Malilangwe Trust for biodiversity conservation, community development and sustainable ecotourism.


Elephant Lewa

The Marsabit Project

Mount Marsabit, in northern Kenya, is an important regional watershed and provides critical habitat for wildlife including elephant, rhino, lion and Grevy’s zebra.


Tusk Trust - Mt Kenya Trust

The Mount Kenya Trust

Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa, with the largest single forest area in the country holding important species like elephant, black rhino, leopard and mountain bongo


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