Tanzania's natural beauty spans the plains of the Serengeti, snow capped peaks of Kilimanjaro, meandering rivers of the Ruaha and the clear crystal waters of the Indian Ocean. A mecca for wildlife on land and in the ocean, Tanzania arguably offers the best "bush & beach" experience in Africa.

Lion cubs in Tanzania

DAY 1 – 3


Vast, undulating grassy plains scattered with acacia trees and a background of rocky kopjes, the Serengeti provides a picture perfect safari setting. Throughout the year over 1.5 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebra constantly migrate throughout the Serengeti eco system – one of the Wonders of the Natural World – providing unique and exhilarating safari moments.

Amongst the richest grazing grounds in Africa, The Serengeti supports a magnificent diversity and abundance of animals, making it one of the safari giants. Even with this exceptional reputation, the Serengeti still manages to surpass expectations time and time again.


DAY 4 – 6


The Ruaha National Park is located in the southeast area of Tanzania and exudes an aura of untrammelled wilderness. Holding around a tenth of the world’s lions, at 50,000km2, the Ruaha protects vast tracts of rugged, semi-arid bush that characterises central Tanzania.

Whilst being one of the largest parks in Tanzania, the Ruaha has only a handful camps and lodges. Days can be spent without seeing another soul, coupled with a night under the stars fly camping, creating long lasting memories.


DAY 7 – 11


A slice of tropical paradise. Soft white sands fringed by gently swaying palms and warm, marine rich waters is the perfect setting as white sailed dhows journey by.

Known as the “Spice Island” Zanzibar’s deep rooted history is rich with culture brought from the traders of East Africa adding to the flavour of the island. From the markets of stone town to exploring the reefs of the Mnemba Atoll, time on Zanzibar may be the perfect way to end an East African safari.


Serengeti NP: The breathtakingly beautiful, vast plains of the Serengeti National Park. Image Credit: Serian Stay: Traditional, canvas, tented accommodation is one of the best ways to enjoy the Serengeti. Far from camping, our partners in the Serengeti offer the luxuries of some of the world’s top hotels, without the fuss, and completely off grid. Image Credit Serian Sunrise safari over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon is a 'bucket list' for many travellers on safari. An exceptional, unforgettable experience floating above the plains with a birds eye view of the wildlife below.  Image Credit: Serengeti Balloon Safaris Conservation: Tusk supported Global Animal Health Tanzania targets the problem of rabies being transmitted from domestic dogs to wildlife. It is suspected that rabies contributed to the disappearance of wild dogs from the Serengeti in the early 90s. As the population recolonizes in the area, GAHT are dedicated to this never happening again. Tusk provides a grant for fuel, staff and syringes, enabling the vaccination of 7,800 domestic dogs in 30 Maasai communities. Ruaha: A direct flight from the Serengeti takes you to the heart of Tanzania. The Ruaha is a dramatic area of wilderness with prolific wildlife, especially carnivores. Large prides of lion, often 20 or more, can be seen as well as wild dog and leopard within the ever changing aspect of the National Park. Image Credit: Nomad Stay: Camps and lodges are located in prime wildlife areas. However, with few camps in this enormous park, it is likely you won't come across anyone else during your time in the Ruaha. Image Credit: Jongomero Image Credit: Jongomero Walking safaris allow the opportunity to understand the smaller and wider aspects of safari. Spoor marks, dung types, vegetation medicinal elements, 'the little 5' and so much more. There is also the opportunity to walk with the larger resident wildlife. Image Credit: Jongomero Conservation: The Ruaha Carnivore Project operates throughout central Tanzania, where there is frequent human - wildlife conflict. Their aim is to reduce livestock losses, provide benefits to local communities and promote tolerance and conservation of wild carnivores. Since 2013, Tusk has been a committed supporter of RCP, providing core operating costs and funding for specific requirements. This commitment is essential for long term success. Ruaha. Image Credit: Jongomero Serengeti. Image Credit: Serian Ruaha. Image Credit: Nomad Ruaha. Image Credit: Nomad Ruaha. Image Credit: Nomad Serengeti. Image Credit: Nomad Serengeti. Image Credit: Nomad Mnemba: Just north of Zanzibar is the Mnemba Atoll, with some of the best snorkelling and diving opportunities to enjoy due to it's rich coral reefs. Image Credit: &BeyondMnemba Conservation: Coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea. Tusk supports African Foundation Oceans without Borders within the Mnemba Atoll just off of Zanibar. This coral reef system has deteriorated significantly over the past 2 decades, with coral cover down to 5%. The project aims to support the restoration and community-based conservation of the coral reefs associated with Mnemba Island through the establishment of a community coral nursery programme. It is possible to stay on the island of Mnemba, where bare foot luxury meets unpretentious exclusivity. However, it is easilv accessible from Zanzibar via a short boat journev. @&BeyondMnemba Time to relax and digest where you have been on your adventure through Tanzania, where you are now, and what the future is for these remote, wild parts of Africa Image Credit- &BevondMnemba Image Credit: &Beyond

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