Uganda Safari

Once described as "The Pearl of Africa" by Winston Churchill, Uganda is a country of exquisite contrasts. Dense forests, hazy savannahs, hippo filled lakes, meandering rivers and thundering waterfalls. Home to some of the highest concentration of primates on earth, this itinerary takes you to some of Uganda's lesser known "pearls", after spending time with our two closest relatives - chimpanzees and gorillas.

Gorilla portrait

DAY 1 – 4


Nestled in the remote southwest of Uganda, your journey begins at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The world population of mountain gorillas is c.880, half of which live in Bwindi. Over these 2 full days you will be immersed in the gorilla’s habitat and surrounding community, gaining an in depth insight into their sensitive lives. Meeting the gorillas is the first step. You will be led by an expert guide, who knows each gorilla individually, into the forest to track one of the families and spend an hour with them as they go about their daily routine. We will then arrange a visit the Gorilla Health Centre, built with funding from Tusk donations, for a behind the scenes understanding of gorilla conservation.

DAY 5 – 8


Lying across the equator, Queen Elizabeth has one of the highest biodiversity ratings of any game park or reserve in the world. A myriad of lakes, wide plains and forests, the wildlife here is free to roam in it’s preferred habitat. The National Park’s multiple characters is exhilarating, lending itself to multiple exciting safari opportunities including boating on the wildlife rich Kazinga Channel, 4×4 exploration in the remote Ishasha Sector, famed for it’s tree-climbing lions and through the number of craters found in the area that supporting flamingos in season or venture into the Kyambura Gorge in search of it’s resident chimpanzees. © Volcanoes Safaris

DAY 9 – 11


To end your time in Uganda, you will venture into the North, where the mighty Victoria Nile River is forced through a tiny 7m wide gorge before falling 45m into the Devils Cauldron. This incredible concentration of water makes for an impressive waterfalls before it continues it’s journey, providing a key, and constant, water source for the resident wildlife including large numbers of elephants, giraffe and buffalo on the waters edge. You can choose how adventurous you want to be on the river or to simply relax in your beautiful lodge. If safari is still calling though, you are in luck. Murchison NP is the largest conservation area in Uganda and filled with opportunity to explore on foot or 4×4 . © Anne Marie Weeden


Tusk supports three initiatives that address core issues facing conservation and the communities of Uganda:

1) Conservation through Public Health: Promoting gorilla conservation amongst local communities by improving healthcare and economic opportunities.

2) Living with Wildlife: Giving people the skills to grow their own food and create sustainable ways of making a living.

3) Uganda Conservation Foundation: Provide equipment, infrastructure, expertise and training to enhance Uganda Wildlife Association’s capacity and effectiveness

BWINDI: Your first few nights in Uganda are spent within the magnificent Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Here you will spend time with the communities that live with the gorilla, the rangers that protect the gorilla and, the majestic mountain gorilla themselves. ©Volcanoes Safari Gorilla Trekking: In the morning, you will set off gorilla tracking with your expert guide, through densely forested hills, until you reach one of the gorilla families. An exceptionally special, and hugely privileged moment. Conservation: We can arrange a visit to the Tusk supported Gorilla Health Centre. Here you will spend time with researchers to understand and discuss their gorilla conservation programs,  including gorilla health monitoring, community health, livelihoods and what this means for the future of the mountain gorilla population. Accommodation: There are a number of beautiful lodges within the Bwindi area who are dedicated to the preservation of the gorillas of Bwindi. ©Volcanoes Safari QENP - Heading north, the Queen Elizabeth National Park offers open space, filled with a wide diversity of wildlife. Boating on the Kazinga Channel is a highlight for many, quietly cruising down the river, surrounded by elephant, buffalo, hippo and hundreds of bird species. Chimpanzees: In the northern sector of QENP is Kyambura Gorge, an impressive span of forest thicket home, in stark contrast to its surrounding grasslands. Here you can track one of our closest animal relatives, the chimpanzee. Unlike gorilla tracking, chimps move at speed and the trek, as well as the viewing, can be quite unpredictable! It is however hugely exciting when you get amongst them, try to keep up if you can! ©Volcanoes Safari High in the canopy. ©Volcanoes Safari Stay: Large, open plan suites to lay your head at night, waking to the early morning bird song. ©Volcanoes Safari Landscape: Murchison National Park is the largest and oldest in Uganda. Savannah meets riverine and woodland, all supporting the wider eco system and communities.   ©Anne-Marie Weeden Wildlife: Home to 4 of the Big 5, there is so much more to the park than what it is famed for, the Murchison Falls, including fabulous birding (including the rare shoebill), 4x4 safari and boating on the Victoria Nile Murchison Falls: 300 cubic metres per second is squeezed through a 7m gorge, tumbling 43m into the Devils Cauldron where the Victoria Nile (upper section of the Nile River) continues it's journey ©Anne-Marie Weeden Stay: Simple but elegant with spectacular views ©Nile Safari Lodge Nile Safari Lodge views over the Victoria Nile River.

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